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This started off as a hobby, beginning when I was looking for a sculpture of Maitreya. This search for a Maitreya sculpture led me to a huge number and variety of Smiling or Laughing Buddha figurines. This incredible range motivated me to do up a website to provide information on this very interesting area.

Smiling Buddhas

In the research I did for this website, I discovered so much about the history and impact of the Maitreya on so many people. I have tried to convey as much of this information as possible on this website. I've also tried to include as much information on the impact of the Smiling Buddha and the buddha figurines on happiness, prosperity and other beneficial attributes on people who believe in it.

I hope that you have found this site useful, and has increased your interest in this topic, as my original search for a sculpture of Maitreya has led me to so many interesting buddha figurines. If you haven't found the information here useful, hopefully you have at least found some links to professional sites to help you in your search on the Smiling Buddha.

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